Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who's in the House?

God is!! "JP" here just back from the Ranch. I’ve been searching for the spark, the excitement, the spontaneity and energy many of us associate with Horizons. I found it at Avalanche Ranch tonight! Woo-Hoo! Of all the things that Horizons does, this is by far our best ministry. The kids, our community and perhaps ourselves (more on that later) benefit from attending and supporting Vacation Bible School. It’s relevant and it’s vibrant. The opening session was fantastic, rock’n the house as we say, and hey….those subwoofers really do work!

Two things struck me as I leaned back against the counter in the sound booth….safe from the maelstrom of activity and noise. First, kids know nothing of ‘holding back’ when they are moving to the music; they’re jumping, moving, singing, yelling, having fun. I watched how they competed for the Spirit hat…what a noise maker that is!!! I saw how Bob and Karl led and motivated the squirming, giggling noisy mass of humanity into a unison of responses to their question….Who’s in the house? And the response ….God is!

And indeed He was!

Secondly, and what touched me the most, was sensing the Spirit moving among us tonight. Whether it was through the kids’ smiles and laughter, the camaraderie among volunteers, the one on one conversations with people I have not spoken to for a long time, or the selfless actions of others throughout the night, I saw what I love about Horizons… Community. It was exhilarating.

As I rode back to the Mission with the kids tonight, they all began humming and then singing a familiar song as we ate our ice cream cones (Thanks Liz!). As I listened and sang along quietly to myself, I had to agree. Yes indeed, our God is an awesome God. He softened yet another heart tonight that had grown a bit too hard, a tad indifferent. A small transformation occurred through nine wonderful children and a guest pass to Avalanche Ranch.


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