Sunday, July 29, 2007

Avalanche Ranch - God is Real!

Hi y'all! Mr. Tony Dutter here from the Avalanche Ranch deep in the mountains of Horizons Community Church. I want to let y'all who weren't here tonight know that you missed an excellent adventure through God's word. The great thing about God is that He is Real. That was the bible point for tonight. Sometimes we think that God is just an imaginary friend that we talk to once in a while, but these kids learned tonight that "God is Real."
Bob and Karl, the extraordinary spirit-filled 20-somthings that get all of us pumped up for an adventure through God's word, taught us that shaving cream and water inside balloons really does make a mess...a "Real mess."
You know, I've been volunteering in children's ministry for some three, or four years and I never leave the church without sweating, laughing or learning. This sticky night in July was no exception to all my days in children's ministry. There was one difference though, the body of Christ was alive and in full effect. The pastor, worship leader, administrative assistant, sound guys, parents, even the pastor's wife was here tonight! Praise the Lord! Most of the body of this church came together tonight for the purpose of these children.

I leave you with one thought; What if the body of this church came together more often for the purposes of these little ones? Wow, is the only word we would be left with when these children grow up and begin leading this church. The power in the body flowing through these kids would be awesome. I want to do this for the rest of my life Lord, bring us more kids, bring us more leaders like the ones who were here tonight giving their hearts to kids and telling them that God is Real!

Ranch Stats Night 1:
Kids under 3 = 14
Kids aged 3 thru 6th Grade = 263
Adult volunteers = 153


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