Thursday, August 02, 2007

Avalanche Ranch - God is in charge!

Hey ya’ll, Erin here. All is now said and done here at the Ranch and it has been quite an adventure. I am sitting outside the church with my computer making sure Bob and Karl follow through with their promise to spend the night on the roof. If you haven’t already heard we reached our goal of 350 kids. 358 to be exact. So with sleeping bags in hand Bob and Karl headed up the ladder and are planning to spend the night in their tent, praying that they won’t roll off.

A lot is still going on here at the ranch. Karl is already threatening to go home. Kaitlyn just called the Journal Star to see if they would come out and interview Bob and Karl. And there are still a few crew leaders and crew coaches in the church, continuing the clean-up efforts. Clean-up will continue tomorrow at 8:30, with a BYOD (bring your own donut) breakfast. Feel free to join us if you can. Plans for next year’s VBS will be revealed after all the décor has been taken down.

Tonight was another amazing night filled with laughter, jumping, worship, fun and a few tears (many of them mine). A huge THANK YOU to all the 200 volunteers who served at this year's VBS, it would not have happened without your dedication, love and desire to make God known to our kids. I also wanted to give a special shout out to Derek for all of his many hours of hard work and planning to make VBS what it was. THANK YOU, Derek.

From all the Dutters we want to say thank you to everyone at Horizons. Your hugs, prayers and warm wishes have helped us to know that we will be “held-up” during this transition. We have cherished our time here with you and God has blessed our family through you. The video you put together for Tony and me was amazing, it touched our hearts in a way that it has never been touched before. But no need for tears, we promise to be back so much that most of you probably won’t even know we are gone.

Hope to see lots of you on Sunday with smiles on and no talk of goodbyes.

Peace out!

PS- Bob and Karl say good night and see ya next year.


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