Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Revolution Begins

You got your invitation, right? Yes, you did. That nice blue envelope in the mail last week with all the small group info for Living Beyond Myself. We're setting up enough small groups so that everyone at Horizons will have a place available in a group of 6-8 people.

You do the math.

Yes, that's a lot of groups. Our organizing committee is setting up the groups so that you can get into a group that meets on the best day and time for your family, has childcare if you need that, and close to where you live. Each group will meet four times, once each week during the study. You'll get the free participants guide book at the first group meeting.

Here's what you'll get out of the groups:

  • Learn how your gifts can be revealed and utilized
  • Understand how you fit into the body of Christ
  • Discover new ways to use your strengths
  • Experience freedom to explore serving opportunities
  • Be challenged to be formed more into the image of Christ through serving

The highlight of the entire Living Beyond Myself experience will be the ministry fair and First Serves. I'm pretty excited about that. With First Serves we're setting up ways that you can visit a Horizons ministry area and just check it out. If you're checking out DiscoveryZone, for example, you will see how the ministry works and flows but you won't be asked to DO ministry. It's like taking a tour of a factory or shadowing a worker to see what they do and if it's something you might enjoy.

Living Beyond Myself begins Oct. 15, that's the Sunday after our big Weekend on the Hill that includes the Benefit 5k walk for Tracy DuPont and Concert on the Hill. Between now and Oct. 15 please pray for Horizons, that this serving study will light the fire for revolution at Horizons with more people serving God using the perfect example of Jesus.

Sign up for a small group this week and let the revolution begin! Go God!



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