Saturday, September 09, 2006

Air travel mathematics

I'm zapped. My brain is tired. I'm ready to sleep for three days. When I made reservations for my return flight, I thought a 9 a.m. flight would be relaxing...maybe I'd be able to sleep in before driving the few miles to Sky Harbor airport.

It was a nice thought. I didn't do the math. Get coffee. Fill up the rental car gas tank ($2.53/gal.), drive to the rental car drop off, carry two heavy bags to the bus, ride 10 minutes to the airport, find a luggage cart. Get to check-in and get rid of one large bag. Lug the rest down a long concourse up the elevator and wait in a zig-zag line for security. Take off shoes. Unpack laptop and empty everything from every pocket. I get randomly pulled aside after getting through the X-ray. My camera, laptop, shoes, cell phone get checked for explosives. I pass. I get to put my shoes back on, repack all my stuff and then go wait for my plane. I have about 15 minutes until boarding begins. The flights are fine. I made videos for Mace of take off, landing and soaring through the clouds.

Good thing I got up at 5 a.m.

MinistryCOM was a great experience. Now I have a year to pick a few areas to work on, make a plan and see how I can improve the work our communications team does for Horizons. Next year, I'll catch up with everyone at MinistryCOM and see how we've done, what we've accomplished and what more we need to do even better. I hope we challenge ourselves to keep raising the bar, keep excellence at the forefront and remember that the greatest message deserves our greatest effort.

See you all tomorrow. Maybe a good night of sleep will get me back into this time zone.



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