Thursday, September 07, 2006

Live from Phoenix, Arizona

This is awesome. I'm hanging with a few hundred church communications leaders who are gathered in Phoenix to share ideas, hear some very progressive speakers and learn how to better communicate the message of Christ. This is MinistryCOM. This is where I need to be.

What does a church full of communications folks mean? Tons of laptops spread out all over the cafe area I'm sitting in now during an afternoon break. We are at Christ's Church of the Valley, quite a large campus and they have their own Starbucks and free wireless Internet. Of course everyone is logged on and getting work done during the breaks. I'm working on the new Web site, keeping the blog moderated and culling photos for the new site.

It's been a long day of speakers, networking and breakout sessions to get deeper into topics that keep people like me awake at night but that most other people don't give a second thought to. I've met lots of new people from all over the country. I do know there are three others here from Lincoln. Still need to track them down. We've talked on the phone but when you don't know what people look like, it's hard to connect in a large gathering.

A few more presentations tonight, then dinner. Another full day tomorrow. I'll be back in Lincoln Saturday with an arsenal of new ideas and new strategies to help Horizons lead seekers and doubters to Christ. Well, maybe just get them in the building.

L(yes, but it's a dry heat)MF


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