Sunday, September 23, 2007

I am the church

Pastor Steve's comment today really struck me. "Do you want to go to church or be the church?"

To be honest, I do like to go to church. I like that weekly connection with friends, I get to touch base with ministry partners, visit with my HOMEies (if you don't know what those are, get yourself into a HOME group!), I get to worship MY way and Steve always gives me a thing or two to think about. I don't like to miss Sundays.

But Steve did make it clear that "going to church" cannot be everything for us. Being the church requires a little more time with fewer people. If it weren't for those extra hours with the few, frankly, I wouldn't have anyone to talk with on Sundays and that wouldn't be the same experience.

I am the church. How about you? If a HOME group is your next step, shoot an email to and our new coordinators will get you set up/hooked up/and ready to go.



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