Tuesday, May 15, 2007

National Community Church, Washington DC

I have quite a few favorite churches within Lincoln and across the country. Coming to DC meant the opportunity to visit National Community Church, home of some of the best communicators around. The fact that these incredibly talented people use their gifts to bring Christ to Capitol Hill is even more admirable.

NCC was founded and aspires to be a theater church. Not a church that meets in a theater until they can afford "better" digs, but as an end for its means. They use the fabulous Union Station theaters right off a grand food court and also have the theaters at Ballston. They use theaters with convenient Metro stops to make NCC and Christ accessible in a town that isn't always easy to maneuver in and around let alone make connections with people.

Last year, NCC bought and old building a block or two away from Union Station and built Ebenezers, a fab coffee shop that also houses their church offices upstairs and has room downstairs for Saturday services. If you know me and my love of free wireless Internet AND good coffee, you know how much I've enjoyed hanging out at Ebz. If they had shirts available, I would have bought one for me and one for Mace (see steam train logo).

My girlfriend and I went to church at NCC at the latest Sunday service, 11:30 a.m., and it was incredibly good. People were relaxed, helpful, and the message series, "Anatomy of Faith" spoke about the heart...ours, Gods, a mother's, etc. I videotaped their final musical set which absolutely rocked! My Lincoln church communications group will be stoked when they get their hands on all of the printed materials the NCC folks loaded me up with to bring home. Talk about best practices...these guys produce some pretty amazing pieces all to bring people closer to a relationship with Christ. For us communications directors, we love to see best practices in action.
This morning, I told Mace I was going out for coffee. He asked: "Are you going to the coffee shop that uses the steam train as its logo?" I told him no, I was going to Mocha Hut and I didn't know what its logo was, but knew it wasn't a train like Ebz.
Praise God and pass the latte!
Choo Choo.


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