Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Break | Day 1

I'm calling Friday the first day of spring break for us since we'd finished all of our school-type business by Thursday. I won't give you the minute-by-minute Jack Bauer (24) type of drill-down or then my secret would be out: my life isn't that interesting.

Here's how we spent Day 1:

  • Picked up Freakonomics at the library. It's been on my list for a year now. So far, pretty interesting reading and even enjoyable since there's no test on it.
  • Mace and I spent two hours at the Lincoln Children's Museum with about 3000 other kiddos. Maybe it was only 300 but it felt like 3000.
  • Read a paper on terrorism and the media while Mace played with the Thomas the Tank Engines at the Museum -- ok, that sort of qualifies as doing school work -- but there's no test on it and my margin notes were only marginally insightful.
  • Watched General Hospital. (I've missed a week, who's this new guy Logan?)

Just wait until tomorrow when I tell you how we spent day 2.



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