Sunday, January 14, 2007

Safe Sanctuary training is good for kids

Everyone knows our fastest-growing Horizons ministry is DiscoveryZone. We have kids as young as two all the way through fourth grade learning weekly about God, Jesus and the Bible. Today's lesson with the first through fourth graders was about sacrifice and how Jesus was called "the lamb of God."

On Saturday, lots of DiscoveryZone and other youth ministry servants sacrificed an entire Saturday morning for training to help make the Horizons youth programs not only the best hour of each kid's week, but the safest hour. Safe Sanctuary training gave us information we need to be truly vigilant when it comes to the safe-keeping of the kids entrusted to us. It's a huge responsibility and it feels good to be trusted by the families that come to Horizons whether they consider Horizons their home or they're just checking us out.

Help us keep that trust. When you check in your kids, take the wrist band. Wear it. When you're leaving with your kiddos from The BOB or their classrooms, be prepared to show a volunteer at the door your matching numbers. If you're picking up babes and toddlers, hang back at the counter and let the caretakers bring your child to you. It'll take longer, but you can use that time to chat with other parents and get to know someone new. Make the best of it and realize that we are tracking dozens of kiddos all at once.

If you have any questions about the Safe Sanctuary training or future training dates, talk with our Director of Children's Ministry Erin Dutter.



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