Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's your job description?

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with a small group of communications directors for churches in Lincoln. We began as a group after three of us returned from MinistryCOM last September. We decided to meet on the first Friday of each month and also to start inviting others to join us. We're still less than 10 people, but we're growing, learning and sharing.

Our plan for tomorrow is to share job descriptions. I've been working on mine all week and frankly, it's been a challenge. Leading communications at Horizons involves so many ministry areas and wearing several hats at once. Some days, I don't keep up very well. I haven't posted to the blog now for two weeks and the Web site needs an update that didn't get done Monday. I've been doing this for nearly 18 months and I'm still learning the job.

I started writing a job description that seemed adequate but it was too long. There are things I think should be included in the job but they are not the things I have time or the team power to do. I want it short, snappy and to the point. Here's my newest draft:

As Communications Team Leader, I advise and assist anyone in any capacity at Horizons with any project that requires any message to be relayed to others in any form or forum to be heard by those it's intended to reach without any distractions.

It isn't exactly what I wanted, but it's close.



At Monday, February 05, 2007 11:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to say you do a bang-up job for HCC!!
THANK YOU for your commitment to ministering to ANY and all and for using more and more of your talents and gifts for God's glory!


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