Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Statement of faith or fashion statement?

Some months ago, Mace asked me why I wasn't wearing my cross around my neck. I'd been wearing it continually but the chain started making my neck itch, so I took it off. I love wearing it and having that constant reminder of my faith but one can't be scratching at their skin all day and night either so it's tucked into a cedar box on my dresser.

If you're a Christian, you know it isn't something you wear on the outside. Christianity is an inside job: heart, soul and mind. There is an outward expression of Christianity in how we serve others, but again, it's not clothing or jewelry. But if you're a people watcher and maybe read People magazine, it seems that in the past few years, crosses have become more of a fashion statement, less of a statement of faith. When I was a kid, you were a hard-core Jesus freak if you wore a cross or, even bolder, a t-shirt from church or with some Godly message. If you wore those things, it was like being outed. Today? Not so much.

Instead of wearing what could be confused as a fashion statement, my statement of faith should be more about what I do. If people cannot tell what we believe by how we live, we're not living our faith out loud. If it takes wearing a cross to express my love for Christ, then I've got work to do.


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