Monday, November 20, 2006

Dear Erin

How could I have left you out of my thank yous? Is our staff growing by such numbers that I could actually forget someone? And you of all people. Do I think of you more as a friend than a staff member? Regardless, there's no excuse. But here are my thanks to you:

Erin, you are the very heart of our children's program. I remember our first meeting and how you later shared your vision for our Horizons children's ministry. It was such a compelling vision that I wanted to be a part of that and you quickly included me in your plans. I loved working with you on the team, traveling to the Promiseland workshop, and working weekly with our DZ kids. Everything I know about working with kids has come from you. You've been a parenting role model for me and a great resource when I have kid questions and quandaries. Your faith and your love for kids shows in everything you do. With all the kids we have in DZ, you still manage to take time to get to know them and their parents.

When you first shared your vision with me for DZ, Mace was a newborn. But I knew that I wanted your vision to happen so that when he was a DZ kid, he'd have a fabulous program to teach him about God, Jesus and the Bible. And here we are, three years later and Mace is in the 3 year old class having a blast but coming home with Bible stories to tell, songs to sing and teachers to talk about. For all of that, I thank you, Erin.



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