Monday, November 13, 2006

Seinfeld gets Horizonized (not that there's anything wrong with that)

If you missed it, then you missed it. Sorry.

Jerry. Elaine. George. Kramer. They were all there Sunday night at the Horizons tailgate party. Jerry's living room. Snapple. A skit about nothing. You shouldn't have missed it.

What a great night. I haven't been out much in the past month...for me, just seeing everyone and hanging out was a nice break. Laughing...yeah, that was good too. I know, the entire night wasn't all fun and games. We did get down to some serious details like the building fund and future payments that will be due. We watched a serious video welcoming our new staff members (OK, that wasn't so serious) and Superman aka Steve had a cameo in another video segment. Maybe we have a hard time being too serious and that's OK with me.

Thanks to Jerry and Theresa for planning a terrific night. I know there were a ton of people involved in the process, so thanks to everyone -- great job! And yes, I have the Seinfeld piece on video. Giddyup.



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