Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dear Steve, Candie, Jamie, Mark, Jaime and David

I meant to write each of you a personal note telling you how much I appreciate you. They were going to be really nice and clever on fine notecards made of 100% cotton fiber. I was going to use my best handwriting (translation: I was going to sit down and really spend some time to make them neat).

Your cards didn't get lost, I didn't take the time to sit down and write. The next best thing I can do now even though this is now a week late is to take an hour to sit now and tell each of you a few things on my mind:

Steve: I've known several pastors in my life and you're my first "first name" pastor. It's given me an entirely new perspective on pastors in general -- you've made your profession, your calling more personal to me and less authoritarian. It's been a cool distinction. And you know there are times when I even call you "Steve" without the title. You're both pastor and friend to me and our Horizons Community which I think is unique.

You've trusted me with much, including your reputation. None of it I take lightly. Thank you, Steve.

Jamie: Your talents and skills seem endless -- is there anything you can't do? I think most people know you as a Christ-loving musician and songwriter but I'm not sure most know what a tech geek you truly are (and I say that with the utmost respect because I'm mostly clueless on anything with a wire). I enjoy working on creative projects with you and with the exception of meeting deadlines (where's my Christmas series graphic?), it's always an enjoyable process. I appreciate all that you do (whether I understand half of it or not), and your friendship. Thank you, Jamie.

Mark: We are so blessed to have you working with our youth. Thank you for being the strong presence our kids need and for giving so much of yourself and your time. I'm not sure there are really any part-time ministry jobs -- so thank you, Mark.

Jaime: You were Mace's first experience having a teacher. You've set a high expectation for him on what and who a teacher is and the kind of heart a teacher has for her students. I hope when he moves on to preschool and kindergarten he's not disappointed. You've been a wonderful addition to our Toddler and Twos program to give these kids structure and solid Bible teaching in a truly loving environment. Thank you, Jaime.

David: We're so lucky to have you on the team at Horizons. Your video was hilarious (I hope everyday isn't like that!) and I now have this vision of you coming to work with this Mission Impossible look on your face, ready for anything. Thank you, David.

Candie: I love you so much! You've been a best friend for years now and I cannot imagine Horizons without you (nor limo rides and lunch). I miss the old days (pre-baby) when I spent Wednesdays with you at the Trade Center office. Fun times. We got so much work done but laughed the entire time. I don't miss the newsletter production, but I miss hanging out with you. You always did things that boggled my mind, like being able to rattle off the routing number of your bank account. NO ONE MEMORIZES THEIR ROUTING NUMBER!!! That's just scary. And that's why I love you -- I never know what you'll say next.

You've been a great friend and a great servant at Horizons. Thank you, Candie.

Steve, Candie, Jamie, Mark, Jaime and David...thanks again. And sorry about not handwriting these.



At Saturday, November 18, 2006 11:45:00 PM, Blogger jamie said...

Thank you so much, Lisa. You know, you're basically on staff here with as much as you do. The only thing is, you don't get paid to do it. You do it because you're passionate about Horizons. Because you're passionate about serving the God we worship and the people He created. Thank you for your tireless efforts to spread the word. We are truly the ones who are blessed to be serving along side people like you.



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