Monday, July 28, 2008

Power Lab -- Night 2

Vacation Bible School is absolutely positively AMAZING!!!

So the first night was a little rocky but baby was tonight smooth. Bob and I are pumped with the amount of energy flowing in this years’ VBS Power Lab. Words cannot describe how excited we are to be here again this year and to see that the kids are excited to have a good time and to experience God at VBS. It was so much fun to see over 350 kids here tonight at VBS (which by the way is not yet 425). Remember that if registration reaches 425 kids this year, we will dress like girls for the closing of Vacation Bible School.

Don’t forget about Horizons’ Kids Helping Kids. This year, we are trying to collect children’s books for the Karen families that moved to Lincoln from Burma. These books will help them to learn English and better adapt to our culture. Horizons’ Kids Helping Kids is designed to give kids a chance to serve other kids in our area. This is an amazing opportunity for kids to serve and help others their same age. Well, hope to see you all tomorrow at VBS and don’t forget to keep inviting friends. I know you want to see me in a dress.



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