Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where's God?

When my now 4-year-old was a new talker, we'd be driving around Lincoln and he'd ask, "Mama, where's God?" and I'd reply, "Everywhere."

This semester, my lack of a science class with a lab requirement caught up with me so I've been immersed in Geology 101 in the interest of graduating in May. I dreaded the class all summer because there's a huge difference between Political Science and, well, science. Turns out it's been one of my favorite classes this semester. Rocks are cool. Earth is super cool. All the stuff going on in and around the planet: all of it very cool. When I told Mace that God was everywhere, I hadn't really thought about what that meant.

"God rocks," I say often. But this semester, I've seen God in the rocks. And that's awesome.