Sunday, September 23, 2007

Technology, teens and grace

I sat behind three teen-aged girls at church today. Typical for teens living in 2007, they were more interested in texting than listening to Pastor Steve, but I told myself I was happier that at least they were sitting in's a start.

Then came the last song and the slide went up while Jamie was talking about Chris Daughtry from American Idol and his song, "Home." The girls were shocked when they saw what song was coming up, as in, Daughtry at church? More than one raised eyebrow was seen, then Jamie started to sing. Then their phones came out. Videos on. Yep. These girls videotaped Jamie's cover of Daughtry. Awesome. When was the last time you saw that at church?

So if you see Jamie Brown on YouTube, don't be too surprised. Others may raise an eyebrow or two and wonder what kind of church brings Daughtry in the house. Maybe that wonder will be what it takes to get them to come find out for themselves. Maybe Daughtry will be a bridge between someone who knows rock stars but not the Rock.

The next time you see teens at church playing with cell phones, remember grace and remember that bridges can be built the traditional way or we can use modern technology and modern music.

Rock on.

I am the church

Pastor Steve's comment today really struck me. "Do you want to go to church or be the church?"

To be honest, I do like to go to church. I like that weekly connection with friends, I get to touch base with ministry partners, visit with my HOMEies (if you don't know what those are, get yourself into a HOME group!), I get to worship MY way and Steve always gives me a thing or two to think about. I don't like to miss Sundays.

But Steve did make it clear that "going to church" cannot be everything for us. Being the church requires a little more time with fewer people. If it weren't for those extra hours with the few, frankly, I wouldn't have anyone to talk with on Sundays and that wouldn't be the same experience.

I am the church. How about you? If a HOME group is your next step, shoot an email to and our new coordinators will get you set up/hooked up/and ready to go.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Feels like Home

Sunday is the start of a new series, "Feels like Home." Remember the Acts 2 church members, how they lived life together...they were like a family that not only worshipped together, they hung out, had dinners, visited each other's homes, supported those who were down and needed was more than community, it was a dynamic and growing family.

Pastor Steve will be highlighting our HOME groups these next few weeks, which is our way of incorporating Acts 2 into the culture of Horizons. If you're not in a small group, this is the time to get more information and consider taking that next step. There will be people to talk with about HOME groups each week in the Atrium.

It's also a good time to invite a co-worker, a neighbor, your extended family or friends you know who don't regularly attend church. Check out the evite feature on the web site. Do you know someone who is looking for a church that feels like home?

See you Sunday,