Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fiesta! night 3

I think now we've found our groove and Fiesta! is just one huge party. The first two nights, we had a schedule to memorize and we were learning all these new songs and now we've pretty much mastered several -- able to put all the words and movements together which isn't always an easy thing for some of the adults to keep up with.

They test out these songs on kids, not adults. Trust me, no adult would say, yeah, let's do that one with all the hopping, leaping, shouting, stand up-sit-down-lean-to-the-left-then-the-right, then clap in an ever-changing order that no one (but a kid) can remember...yeesh. I feel like a two-left-footed goof half the time. But the kids love it. And pretty much that's what the week is about. Kids having fun while learning more about Jesus.




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