Monday, July 31, 2006

Fiesta! night 2

I spent many years going to Vacation Bible School as a kid. I still remember learning about Jesus, about working on a service project to feed hungry children in remote lands, and those craft projects where you hammer nails onto a patterned board and then wrap thread around the nails to make a picture of owls. (Yes, this was the 70s.)

Vacation Bible School is different now. But that's because kids are different in 2006 that we were. We deal with many of the same issues, but kids now have to deal with even bigger issues too and sometimes at much younger ages than we ever did. The generation we're hosting at Horizons this week for Fiesta! is living in an era of uncertainty and insecurity. It's a treat to get to talk with them and listen to their ideas of how they can keep Jesus #1 in their lives every day. And an even bigger thrill is sitting with them and praying. My group tonight, as Pastor Steve led the entire Fiesta! in prayer, all held their arms up to the sky while praying. I joined them and it was definitely a prayer I'll remember.

The tag line for Fiesta! is "where kids are fired up about Jesus." Well, they are fired up alright. Their faith is remarkable and their love for Jesus is so pure.

It's definitely not the VBS I grew up with. We never raised our voices. We didn't sing loud, rowdy songs that involved jumping, stomping and a cha cha line. I know it wasn't nearly this exhausting and it wasn't even close to this much fun.

More tomorrow.


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