Sunday, July 30, 2006

What a party! Fiesta! night 1

Wild times at Horizons Community Church. Put a few hundred kids in the building, add in another 100+ adult and youth volunteers and what you get is enough energy that, if you could contain it, you could power the state of Rhode Island.

Our first night of Fiesta! was a ton of fun. I have a crew of four girls (thanks, Erin!) which is such a change of pace from all the boy stuff I live with at home. My girls are going to be in the following grades: first, first, second and third. A nice mix of ages and they seemed to get along well. Our first game (running with a blanket filled with water balloons we had to try not to break) was a good team effort and we managed to work together well and didn't get too wet.

I forget to take the camera, so after I get some pictures tonight from Erin, I'll post some of night one. Our organizers have done some really fun stuff...Derek and Chris -- you guys were pretty crazy tonight and my crew loved watching and screaming. I hope to have my hearing back before tomorrow night.

More later.


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