Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Web site update

This is a busy time preparing to launch the new Horizons Web site. Here's an update of where we are with the designers/programmers, and what to expect in the next 6-8 weeks.

Earlier this month, we approved the home page design and Tuesday this week, we'll get a look at the secondary pages. It's exciting to see the look of the new site and think of all the new features we'll be able to take advantage of.

Our eTeam is working on getting pictures taken and writing all of the content for the site. Anyone interested in writing short pieces about various ministries/events for the site may email me at We will always have room for more people who want to write, proof-read and/or edit. If you are a ministry leader at Horizons, you should definitely contact me to talk about your team's area of the site.

Later this month, the Aspire!One team will be training us to use the administrative console so that we will be able to upload our own content and continually keep the site fresh, informative and interesting. After a few of us master the system, we'll be working with others to train them on the site for information updates. The advantages of the system are that no one will have to know any programming languages to write and upload content -- it's very user friendly.

We are currently planning a mid- to late-Sept. launch. We'll see how that goes, but you'll get plenty of notice for when the site goes live.

If you have good quality, digital pictures of any Horizons events or mission trips or even HOME groups, you can email them to me, or burn a disk and leave them at the info table any time. We will have room for 100s of pictures.



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