Wednesday, July 26, 2006

SoulConnect..."The Questions We Ask"

The questions are many in this life. Name your question. When I was a boy I asked so many questions that I am sure my parents nearly lost their minds at times. As many questions as we ask in our younger years, I find that as we grow older it’s answers we prefer. I see it in politics, families, and corporations, even churches. Some times we get answers to questions that we aren’t even asking. Many times we give quick, shallow answers. But the questions we hold deep in our soul are rarely answered by the quick, slick, easily marketable answers our culture seems to be comfortable with. Still answers make life somehow easier. There are no quick fix answers to the deepest questions in our lives.

As cold as it may sound the questions on most people’s hearts and minds are not about global warming, world hunger, or whom Paris Hilton is dating. Most of us are looking to get through another day without losing our minds. Or, we are wondering how we can make ends meet, or live in a way that has some deeper meaning besides maintaining an insanely out of control lifestyle. These questions seem to get lost in the quick answers of really smart people who have come up with a quick and easy multi-step formula to solve really big, really important things. And still we have questions. But why do we insist on coming up with answers, easy answers, even before we really ask the questions? Good question. I think it’s because we are more scared of the questions than the answers. And, it’s more impressive to have the answers.

Certain questions challenge our character, and we don’t want people to know who we really are. Other questions reveal how much we don’t know. Still, other questions just reveal too many other things in our lives that are simply best left alone. Some of us seem to have arrived at a point in life where we believe that we’ll just coast on the easy answers, and the tough questions can be dealt with some other day or by somebody else. I believe Christ invites us into the questions with the answers to life that nobody wants to hear. I believe we are tired. We’re tired of the answers that keep coming but leave us frustrated and unfulfilled. Our deepest questions seep into our lives creating insecurity, fear, and depression. And still, relentlessly, the questions come. Until one day we simply stop asking and opt to exist in the shallow answers of the world. Jesus said this. “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Through Christ, God invites your questions. Each day God invites you to walk gently, to listen and learn, to seek answers the answers that the world simply cannot provide.

The questions in this life are many. Christ lives in the questions. His answers are your freedom. Enjoy the journey.


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