Sunday, July 16, 2006

God's house rocked today

If you missed Worship-Celebration today, you missed out. Worship Team rocked big time with a special piece, "Never alone," sung by Julie and Rebecca (two amazing voices!) while Jamie & Co. kicked in with electrified, amplified guitar/bass, drums and keyboard. Awesome way to get into that Worship frame-of-mind.

Great job, everyone! God Rocks!



At Sunday, July 16, 2006 10:42:00 PM, Blogger Jerry B said...

I agree! Today the music was over the top and really rocked! I felt God's presence to the point of chills. Also, Steve had a very good sermon, I am challenged to try hard to be a blessing to everyone I can. Thanks to everyone who had a part in today's worship experience.

At Tuesday, July 18, 2006 1:08:00 PM, Anonymous Julie Berger said...

I totally agree! I was so touched by that song to the point of tears. (And in a good way!) I've really been struggling lately with the job situation and feeling alone at times, questioning at times. That song just hit home with me and is a constant reminder that all of us are NEVER ALONE because God is always with us. It was the inspiration that I really needed. (Julie and Bec....thank you, you can't imagine how much that song tugged at my soul. And thanks to the worship team too!) And then Steve's sermon was amazing. I really felt like he was talking to me personally. I think that God put me in church on Sunday to give me hope and encouragement that He's there for me and he hears my prayers. I just think that He was using Steve and the Worship Team to show me that I am blessed and that He will take care of my struggles.

Thank you so much. I am truly blessed to be a part of Horizons!


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