Sunday, July 16, 2006

Visit to CrossRoads Church Sunday

I'm back to visiting area churches and Sunday during second service I attended Worship at CrossRoads Church, Superior and 40th streets. It is a small, non-denominational church but what a stand-out group!

We were greeted before we walked inside by a woman signing up kids for VBS, then once we got inside, we were helped to the nursery to get Mace settled. He was so excited to have a whole room full of toys to explore, he didn't even look back to say "see ya, Mama." (When it was time to go home, Mace didn't want to leave!)

My mom went with us and she and I sat in the second of maybe four rows...I didn't count. I was encouraged to see a staged filled with plugged-in stuff...they are all electric including drums.

One thing completely evident at CrossRoads is their love for Jesus and their love for people. Worship leader Brian Ubben talked a bit between songs, and you can really tell this guy wants to be all that God wants him to be and to be real with others about his journey. Brian obviously has a passion for Jesus. He's down-to-earth and honest.

Pastor Dan Thompson gave a solid message about letting God heal internal wounds. Pastor Dan is casual, laid-back and reminded me of Southern California with his sandals, cargo shorts and print shirt. Like I said, these people are real...everyone wearing whatever they were most comfortable wearing...not unlike Horizons.

We have heard the saying that we need lots of different churches because there are lots of different people. We know that Horizons will not be a perfect fit for everyone. Getting to know our other Christian churches in Lincoln will help us help others find the right fit for them. One of our visions for the new Web site is to have a section just for that purpose, to direct visitors to other Christian churches that may be better suited to their needs, style and comfort-level.

Oh, speaking of comfort, CrossRoads has awesome chairs.

Please keep CrossRoads Church in your prayers this week.


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