Sunday, June 25, 2006

How did you get plugged in at Horizons?

Remember when you first came to Horizons?

We've had some interesting conversations lately about helping people get connected at Horizons. Those who have friends attending have a built-in connection, others who come by themselves and don't know anyone have to make those connections on their own.

Think back to your first experience at Horizons: Who or what got you involved right away? Was it an event, a serving opportunity, or a class? Did a Horizons member play a role in helping you get connected?

We've been members for about four years and Horizons has grown to where most Sundays I see many people I've never seen before. A few weeks ago I was chatting with another mom while our kiddos had their doughnuts and come to find out they'd been attending for more than a year! How does that happen?

Today I took the opportunity (read: summers off from DiscoveryZone) to take a few hundred pictures for the new Web site. I got to watch people before, during and between services and I got lots of great shots of people talking, laughing, hugging, and just having a great time seeing friends and catching up. Very cool to see all this connecting going on...stuff I normally don't look for. I'm convinced that's why Horizons exists: to build relationships with each other but ultimately to build the most important relationship with Christ.

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