Thursday, June 15, 2006

Youth Mission Update Thursday night (part 2)

The group got back to camp tonight and they were tolerating a pretty bad dust storm. Their tents and shade canopy blew down, they were trying to eat dinner and those who had taken a shower found themselves dirtier than before the shower.

Jerry said they had a good day, working hard all day long to get the stucco done and the roof done. Carly B. and Sarah N. brought a can of yellow paint and they painted some extra trim around the windows. Another finishing touch the group did was they made a cement step. Sarah also brought two planters full of silk flowers and put them underneath the windows.

Jerry said the end of the day was pretty exciting because the family had all taken showers to get cleaned up to be presented with the keys to their new home. The group chose Elizabeth "Biz" W. and Jim H. to hand over the keys, and Marcela presented the family with a Bible. Jerry said the family's new house was the nicest looking house in the neighborhood, quite an improvement from how they were living yesterday.

The group's plans for a big party tonight were dashed by the dust storm. Tomorrow, they will pack up and start the two-day drive back to Lincoln. Jerry gave huge kudos to Julie and Jen for keeping them well-fed and happy. Apparently, Julie's Rice Krispies treats and Jen keeping them stocked with Pringles kept everyone going.

Now, the group has probably learned a lot about themselves and each other. Dave B., one of the adult sponsors otherwise known as "Gart," was discovered to have a gift that no one knew about: he can communicate with chickens. Good to know.

We'll have one more update tomorrow night. Thanks for reading and keep our group's travel over the next two days in your prayers.



At Monday, June 19, 2006 4:29:00 PM, Anonymous Kyle said...

whos the mama of the pringles


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