Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a great night!

A huge thanks to Jerry and Teresa B. for hosting Horizons Monday night.

It was a treat to get out of Lincoln, send the kiddo off to grandma's for the night, and spend time with our church family. Seems we're all so busy on Sundays that we don't get many times when we can just sit and talk, play games and laugh.

Jim and Melanie should be really proud of themselves for making it to the badminton finals against Chris and Jim H. Youth triumphed, but they had to work for it. Eric and I got beat nicely by Steve and Trish in the first round...but we rallied for the throw-the-washer-in-the-hole game and won in spite of some really large bugs (but probably not as large as Tony D. kept telling me) getting in my way.

Lots of fun. Music we haven't heard in decades. Fire. Good food. We'll get some pictures posted.


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