Monday, May 01, 2006

Guys who wear pink

Did you see the guys at church wearing pink t-shirts? Talk about getting my attention. I asked Derek S., our DiscoveryZone fourth grade co-team leader, what they were all about.

Tracy DuPont is a Lincoln wife and mom of three with breast cancer that has spread. The project is raising $500,000 (yeah, a half mil) for a bone marrow transplant that her insurance won't cover.

The shirts are part of the campaign to raise awareness of her situation and will be worn until the money has been raised. Check out the site for the full story or to get t-shirt info.



At Monday, May 01, 2006 6:44:00 PM, Anonymous Derek said...

Thanks for adding this Lisa. If anyone has not read the full story I encourage you to go to It is on there. And if you want a shirt we have some and they are 10 bucks. Since it is such a huge amount of money that needs raised it seems like there is not much we can actually do. But the shirts are an easy way to let everyone know and maybe they will find someone or some company who could donate a large portion of it. If you want a shirt ask me or Chris Berger at church


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