Friday, May 19, 2006

Fact or Fiction

Okay...I haven't read the book. I might go see the movie, then read the book. Frankly, I am finding it very entertaining simply listening to the debate and discussion about The Davinci Code. Here's my two cents worth.

It's fiction. While I understand the offense taken concerning the way Jesus is portrayed, I don't understand why it is seen as such a threat to the Christian belief system. It seems to me that much of the Christian side of the debate is concerned that the Davinci Code will somehow de-value of our belief system. If our Christian belief system can so easliy be threatened by a book of fiction, then it must be a pretty shaky belief system. But what if non-believers read the book and see the movie and believe the story? Oh...I don't know. Maybe that presents a great opportunity for the Church to listen to the questions of those who are seeking. Maybe the Christian community should be more concerned about listening to the questions of the seeker than providing pre-packaged answers to questions the seeker might not even be asking. To be sure the Davinci Code raises some pretty profound questions in the minds of some people. I believe those questions have less to do with whether or not Jesus was married, and more to do with what is truth. I think the challenge for the Church is clear. Can we allow people to question and still gracefully and faithfully lead them to Christ?


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Preach it brother!!!!


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