Friday, May 12, 2006

Youth Ministry Director...the search is on

You probably read today in our newsletter the list created by the youth ministry visioning team to guide our efforts in hiring a new youth ministry director. Anyone interested in applying for the position should email their resume to: The new search committee will begin meeting May 25, so interested people should apply soon.

We don’t have it all figured out, but God is creating within us a vision for youth ministry that:
1. Is passionate about mentoring youth to be true disciples of Jesus.
2. Seeks God’s guidance through prayer and trusts Him to direct the ministry.
3. Is solidly biblically based, humbly helping youth see themselves in God’s Story and understand God’s Word for themselves.
4. Creates a compelling, loving and vibrant environment, where everyone is included.
5. Intentionally reaches out to youth who do not yet know Christ, using everything available to draw them to Him.
6. Dares to freely pursue creative ideas that are relevant to the constantly changing lives of youth and leads them to experience God.
7. Designs frequent opportunities that allow youth to bond with each other and with adult leaders in the hope that they will share life together.
8. Engages youth in serving the needy and the body of Christ.
9. Develops leadership among students and creates ownership by giving them opportunities to lead and serve.
10. Equips an expanding team of adults as leaders in youth ministry.
11. Involves parents and seeks to impact the entire family.
12. Is integrated into the life of the Horizons community, living out its mission, vision and values.
13. Will become a leader in the Lincoln area, supporting other churches in youth ministry.

As Steve requested in the newsletter: "...please pray passionately and persistently about the person God wants to send us and the process for discerning who that person is. Few decisions have such long range impact as the choice of a staff member."

The 13 statements are all very interesting. Any comments? Add your thoughts here.


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